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Your Secret Source for Bespoke Decorating Projects

Thanks to House Beautiful, I saw an expert tip from super-talented interior designer Cece Barfield about Liven Up Design, an Etsy shop that offers amazing custom upholstered pieces at very reasonable prices.

One of my intentions in starting this blog was to help the design-obsessed homeowner find unique ways to express their style on their own, often without access to an interior designer. I have SO much respect for designers & they add great expertise (especially for a bigger project), but it’s nice for the non-design professional to find custom services on their own too. Liven Up Design is one of those great resources!

This headboard was upholstered in Porthault sheets – brilliant!

Turns out Liven Up Design is a family-owned business (interesting entrepreneurial back-story – read about it here) that upholsters a variety of items, from benches to headboards to even consoles & mirrors….in fabric of your choice for soft furnishings, OR incredible grasscloth-wrapping like below….

I don’t see how I can resist these benches – they’d fit in literally every room in my house! LOVE that pattern….

Can’t you just see this coffee table piled high with books & a tray for drinks??

ONE NOTE:  I found their Etsy shop to be 100% easier to navigate/shop than their business website, so just use this link to explore:  Liven Up Design


(All photos courtesy of Liven Up Design’s Etsy shop)

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