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Design Obsession: Chango & Co.

If anyone does not believe there’s an element of divinity in design, I dare them to check out Chango & Co.’s work!  Thanks to Pinterest, I stumbled upon the amazingly beautiful and transformative designs of Chango & Co., led by Susana Simonpietri.  What I LOVE about her approach is that she is able to make magic happen seemingly without altering a beam or ballast anywhere — just adding paint, great furniture, lighting and rugs. Is it really that simple??  She makes it look effortless and yet thoroughly inspired.

Front hall transformation of a beautiful house in Litchfield CT…

Old shoe forms as sculpture? Brilliant! (& inexpensive:)

From the same house, the choice of smoky blue paint and modern men’s club-style furniture create a completely different vibe….

In the family room area, I love how she took advantage of the nook with the rustic shelf above the bar….it looks like the recessed area was designed around those pieces instead of the other way around!

They do exterior transformations too?? I mean, really. STOP. Too much design talent & beauty to handle this early in the morning!

Chango & Co.’s portfolio is DEEP, with multiple projects in city and country locations. I’m in love with this Westport CT house that they designed too…

The Danish modern chairs almost look like deer horns or an organic sculpture form and blend in surprisingly seamlessly to the natural country house feeling…

I’d happily do paperwork at this built in desk!

Hanging the artwork a little bit askew gives it added energy – I would have never thought to do that but I’ve gotta find a place in my house to try it now!

Lastly, the very humble entrance to Pinterest headquarters in San Francisco, taken by my faithful husband Ted who knows how obsessed I am with what they do. He gets to go there & meet with Pinterest execs regularly for work, bringing me back stickers and pens with their logo on it as if I’m a 20-year old groupie instead of being more than 2x that age!:) Perhaps I’ll find a way to tag along as his bag carrier on the next trip….? If it were not for Pinterest, I would never have found the beautiful uplifting designs of Susana Simonpietri, so thank you Pinterest for ALL the continuous inspiration. And thank you, Susana, for making the world a more beautiful place – it is such important work, now more than ever!

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