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Inspired Home Design: Welcome to Bungalow Classic

“To be original, one must be different” was the Coco Chanel motto I remember my grandmother quoting when I was very young. It stuck with me and as I get older it rings even more true!  So it is a treat when I discover a whole new venue for home inspiration and today it is Bungalow Classic, a delightful store (with online shop) in Atlanta owned by stylish pair Courtney & Randy Tilinski.

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Kasler

They have culled beautiful & unique pieces that would give any home character. Mixing modern and classic styles together, their collection has a fresh point of view with sculptural furniture (both new & antique), original textiles via the Clay McLaurin Studio, and a range of accessories that tie it all together.

These are mostly “big girl” pieces, swinging towards high end, but many of them are so statement-making you could easily sprinkle in some lesser pieces and no one would notice because you have such a quality star. The textiles are very reasonable & per the Chanel motto, they’re unique so they give a room an edge…

Here are some of my absolute favorites along with a peek at their own house. Which pieces do YOU like the best??

Ander Dining Table (5 ft diameter)

Palms Silver fabric – I hadn’t seen this one before. It’s so versatile both style & color-wise….could go with blues, neutrals, grays, and any kind of wood. Very tempting!

Here’s a peek at the Tiliniski’s home office. I love how the balance new and antique pieces, with masculine and feminine styles….it just works!

Photo courtesy of Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine.

How good-looking is this Side Tassel table? Original and has such character, could see it in both modern or traditional spaces…

I’m dying over their kitchen, below. Between the vintage lamp, the sweet print above the stove, the rustic louver doors, unique hardware…it just has a great vibe that I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Their reading/sitting area….divine!

Feather Sand fabric — its kind of quiet but adds so much personality.

Ok, how charming is this little French bookcase, circa 1920s? Can’t you just see it in a guest bedroom corner with a cachepot on top??

Last but not least is their Luc Slipper Chair  It only needs 6 yards of fabric, and you can use any kind you want – yours or theirs, so go crazy! It would definitely be a rich accent piece in any room & looks incredibly comfy….

For more info, go to BungalowClassic.com — or take a field trip to Atlanta!

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