Elegant Mayhem | House Preview: The First Real Visit to Our Lakehouse
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House Preview: The First Real Visit to Our Lakehouse

This week really personifies “elegant” & “mayhem” in my life. The elegance I’m finding is everywhere around me in New Hampshire — bluest skies ever, crisp cool air at night, and the gift of finally being healthy enough to visit the vacation house we bought here two years ago! I’m so, so grateful and am relishing each day up here. Below is our house on the hill – seriously, NO filter.

In a total haze last year, I ordered this dining table from Farmhouse Pottery, based in Woodstock VT, and this is the first time I got to see it. I love it!!  I’m obsessed with all of Farmhouse Pottery’s designs and products though, so it wasn’t a big decision:)

I’m counting down til the mover gets here this Friday with boxes of some of my personal items — books, lamps, momentos – so I can add a little color and sparkle to the room. But it’s so peaceful and spare, I’ll have to go gently…

We bought the house from the nicest, most gracious couple, but their lifestyle up here was very different from ours. Below is the way that same room looked when we first saw it — today, a couple coats of Benjamin Moore “Edgecomb Gray” later (thank you Carolyn deM. for the selection!) and the room now has more of our vibe…

Even Rosie, our 12-year old cockapoo, seems more relaxed up here!

So where is the mayhem you may be asking?? Well, it’s not epic, but there is a lot of stuff still to do — the usual kind of home projects (painting, wallpaper, hanging art, finding mattresses) and the more ambitious: winterizing the room above the garage/barn so we can accommodate more people AND perhaps most importantly, keep the teenagers in their own space for a while!! So we’ve got some full-fledged construction going on here.


Team is hard at work today, making progress…

We added plumbing and a skylight so the kids will have their own bathroom – which is arguably more of a bonus for me, than for them….

Below is the kids’ current bathroom, which I’ll be cleaning up today since they left – good thing for them I’m in such a happy mood up here!  I’m going to swap out fixtures and wallpaper this room as soon as I get around to it. Thinking of a light/modern wallpaper by Celerie Kemble if I can get it on sale??? Looking online….please let me know if you have any good wallpaper sources for non-trade people like moi.

Below is the office nook from where I hope to be writing you soon! Just need a desk, a chair, a lamp, & a bookcase – that’s all:)

Hope you had a great Fourth of July weeknd and I’ll keep you posted as things come together up here. A very fun adventure regardless!




  • Mary Beth Taylor
    Posted at 17:54h, 06 July Reply

    No need for a filter- it’s beautiful. Once you put your “Lee” stamp on it- voila-it will feel like you💙

  • Lee Prince
    Posted at 14:05h, 07 July Reply

    That’s high praise coming from someone with your flair, MB – thank you!! XO

  • William West Hopper
    Posted at 12:34h, 24 July Reply

    Looking wonderful, all it needs is an empty wine glass stowed away on a shelf! Congrats and enjoy this beautiful place!

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