Elegant Mayhem | Calm, Cool & Collected: Meet Designer Anna Matthews
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Calm, Cool & Collected: Meet Designer Anna Matthews

As a transplanted New Yorker living in Washington DC, I love it when I find other people with similar background. Anna Matthews is a design crush of mine & although we haven’t worked together (yet!), I adore how she creates lovely LIVABLE spaces, especially for families and dogs!  A Parsons grad, Anna has a beautiful sense of color and scale — making each of her projects somehow both cheerful and yet sophisticated. DC is lucky to have her:)


Meet the designer & her dog…

Here’s a beautiful re-do of a cottage in Gibson Island (Maryland).  Reminds me of early Victoria Hagan projects — I love the old fan as basically a piece of sculpture!

How smart (& inexpensive) is this “runner”??  Makes so much sense in busy summer house with kids & dogs. Plus it feels so light & fresh…

Photos by Laura Metzler

I could move right into this Chevy Chase MD family home below — feels modern & classic at the same time. Great sconce! Must find source….stay tuned.

I’m obsessed with the blue color of the shelves (& in fact I saved a wine bottle cap from party the other night which is exact same shade — & I’m taking it to hardware store today to match for color of our front door in NH!). Of course I’d have 1,000 more books on my shelves; yes, it’s a problem I know:)

Last but not least, I leave you with this little slice of lavender in a cozy corner. Ahhhhhhh…..And before I forget — Anna’s Instagram feed (@annamatthewsinteriors) is GORGEOUS.

If you know of other up and coming designers with great style, please let me know – I’d love to discover them & will be happy to share with everyone! In meantime, I’m still unpacking & unpacking & unpacking up here in New Hampshire. Writing this was great diversion from the ample “mayhem” around me. Onwards!!




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