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3 Things I Think Are Great

1. Get inspired: listen and read everything Morra Aarons-Mele! Morra’s podcast via Forbes, called Hiding in The Bathroom, is fantastically good.

Morra has an intense but gentle style that makes for an easy, informed listen. I particularly loved Episode 40, her conversation with Stacy London about “what to wear” – which hints at dressing for work but is really for all occasions – I found it very helpful! Also loved the episodes #32 & #36 on Self-Care, which we all need more help with, right??

Morra’s new book of the same name just came out & I’m delighted to be able to go to party in her honor tonight.

She & I spoke a couple of weeks ago about some career questions I was wrestling with and she gave me terrific insights – and encouragement. She’s got very substantive but practical advice in all her platforms….

2. Serena & Lily’s new home collection for Fall. I’m a huge fan of this brand but have felt, and heard others comment, that their catalogs were getting really stale – so little new inventory, high price point, repetitious design style…. BUT this Fall’s lineup offers 500+ new pieces, expanded color palette –more gold and grays — has lots to enjoy…

I still think the price points are too high overall (I’m not in the market for a $600 casual throw blanket and won’t pay $2,500+ for a dhurrie rug), but I found many great new pieces that had right value & look for me. Some favorites:

Trestle Coffee Table – $898. I’m obsessed with this and wish I didn’t already have a blue one I loved!:)

I also love the Reese Coffee Table – a little more expensive but also probably much more versatile too so you can use it in different rooms/houses over time…

Knolls Wood Trimmed Pendant – $198. ADORE this!! I think I have the perfect spot for it in New Hampshire…if I go for it, I’ll send along updated post with them installed. Please let me know if anyone has this or would use it in a kitchen??

3. Behold the power of ThumbtackMaybe you prefer Task Rabbit or another online helper service?

I find Thumbtack has greater network in my area (Washington DC metropolitan area) than other services, but that’s personal preference. The point is to explore some kind of of online helper service so you can outsource things you are NEVER gonna finish yourself!!  

Since I’m in the midst of moving, my needs have expanded & I’ve found GREAT helpers — a carpet cleaner who was more than 50% less expensive and just as good as my usual service….local movers who helped me take heavy boxes from inside the house to the garage…a handyman to do bunch of last minute fix-its….

I’m going sing the slacker song again – I just think that TOO much is expected of all of us and that we need turn-key, affordable support to get certain tasks done! So let go of the guilt and know that you can easily get qualified help asap. No haggling over fees or scheduling – it’s all online & super straightforward (including customer reviews & transparent feedback).


Now, with my tasks done, I will be turning my attention to HBO’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, Season 9 Premiere — which could be a 4th thing I do really love!!

Hope you all are feeling a little more inspired…?? Shoot me an email (lee@elegantmayhem.com) with other tips that work for you & I’ll incorporate into upcoming posts! (MBT, you know who you are — thank you for the update re: Coatigans….I’ll be sharing that with everyone soon!)



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